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Simplicity and evolutivity… 100% of Rohl® luminaires are 100% ZHAGA®.

The Zhaga® consortium, founded in 2010, is an initiative of various engaged players of the lighting industry. More than 200 companies gathered in order to make LED lighting sources, as well as their drivers and connectors, interchangeable by harmonising their technical specifications.

LED modules

All lighting projects are different and each requires an appropriate lighting design. We use LED modules of the latest generations and complying with the ZHAGA® standard that make it possible to meet the different needs, independently !

LJ module
2 x 8 LED
LU module
2 x 4 LED

LED drivers

All our luminaires are designed to integrate the Zhaga® standard. But we go further than just integrating only one format. All our luminaires can integrate several Zhaga® formats et can thus allow future evolutions.

The critical importance of properly driving the system leads us to meet stringent requirements
for the technical characteristics :

4 colour temperatures : 4000 K, 3000 K, 2700 K et 2200 K, 11 standard lighting distributions (8 asymmetrical + 3 symmetrical)

LED ESD protection 8kV and temporay overvoltage 6kV​

Equipped by default with a NTC temperature probe. Spring connectique allowing change of modules on site.

IntensityPower2200K lumen output2200K efficiency2700K lumen output2700K efficiency3000K lumen output3000K efficiency4000K Lumen output4000K efficiency
700 mA37 W3645 lm99 lm/W4165 lm113 lm/W4537 lm123 lm/W4760 lm129 lm/W
500 mA26 W2770 lm107 lm/W3166 lm122 lm/W3448 lm133 lm/W3618 lm139 lm/W
350 mA19 W1957 lm103 lm/W2236 lm118 lm/W2436 lm128 lm/W2555 lm134 lm/W
16 LED MODULES – Zhaga® Standard 2×8 – CRI 70 – Light distribution H1


  • DALI : open and interoperable communication protocole
  • JUST Light : Current optimisation to achieve desired lighting level.
  • Off-peak hours power reduction.
  • Temperature probe allowing not to exceed the critical threshold.

The main DALI objective has always been to facilitate the installation and use of luminiares allowing a dimmable and customized lighting. The first DALI version made this objective possible by recommending the standardization of functionalities and communication systems.

The second DALI version – DALI-2 – improves the first version by addint the possibility to integratie control devices such as light sensors or presence detectors. DALI-2 also brought an improved interoperability between DALI-compatible devices. In order to support this interoperability promise, DiiA introduced a DALI-2 certification program.

D4i products are DALI-2 products. D4i is DALI-2 extension with a package
of specific complementary functionalities for public lighting systems. They
are divided in several categories including :

  • Information : luminaire reference, manufacturer name, nominal light output, nominal pozer, colour temperature, colour rendering index, lighting distribution type (CIE)
  • Diagnostic : Number of working hours, number of lightings, power factor, number of times admissible driver or LED module temperature has been exceeded …
  • Measurements : active power and energy. Apparent and reactive power and energy in option.